Posted on 26-11-2007

A month ago I arrived back from Cuba with a fresh box of Cohiba Maduros 5 – Genios. I swore I would lay the box down for another year or so put the box sort of taunted me each time I opened up my humidor locker.

I picked them up at the Partagas Factory. On my tour of the factory I watched one of the rollers make a Genios. The leaf looked extra dark. I assumed because it was from higher up in the plant. I was then corrected, the leaf is from further up the plant but that’s just the start.
Cohiba Maduros - Cigar Entry

This Cohiba leaf has also been aged 5 years minimum before it is made into a cigar. In addition to this unlike many other maduros the wrapper isn’t the only part of the cigar that is aged. Cohiba has elected to use several aged leaves along with the standard Cohiba tobacco.

A lot of these boxes have already been laid down for a couple years so the thought of leaving my box any longer didn’t seem to make any sense. I GLAD I BROKE THE SEAL. Needless to say this is now favorite Cohiba (next to the Sublime of course). I do of course reserve the right to change my mind at a later date.

The construction is amazing (I know because I have now smoked 8 this month). The draw is perfect, not too tight but wrapped well enough to control the burn. The flavor is surprisingly smooth yet the cigar is strong like a vintage 1980’s era Cuban cigar I once smoked.

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