Cohiba Sublime Box

This is pulled from a cuban cigar blog post I found a while back but I think it illustrates how fanatical your average Cohiba lover can become. (Original Post from Vancouver Cigar Cuban Cigar Blog):

“I was sitting in the Vancouver Cigar Company watching a customer pore over the hundreds of Cuban cigars carried. It was a daunting task. He was looking for the perfect smoke for his boss.

The guy on the counter that day had reviewed about 30 cigars with our guest when one of our regular Cigar Club guys Gregg stood up (Gregs a big guy) and asked the customer:

‘Do you want a cigar or a memory? You can buy any of these Cuban cigars here and your boss will have a good smoke. But… how would you like to create a memory? Buy a couple Cohiba Sublimes and enjoy them with him, it will be a meeting he won’t forget.’

And that was it. The guy left with arguably one of the best cigars (or memories as Gregg calls them) available. Always a rich deep oily wrapper these cigars have a deep, full bodied flavor, on the stronger side but absolutely one of the smoothest most flavorful cigars you will ever experience.

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