Posted on 11-06-2008
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We love Cohibas, but news this good was worthy for the ears of all Cuban cigar lovers around the world.

They did it again cigar lovers! It’s a new world record for the world’s longest Cuban cigar.

With fine Cuban style partying going on in the background, the skilled torcedore (Hand roller) of Cuba achieved a 45 metre stogie in 6 days. “This is a moment of pride for me and all the people of Cuba” Said Cueto the 50 year old cigar roller who has been hand rolling cigars since he was just 5.

It was even measured by Chris Stimpson, a well known British diplomat who will send this achievement for inclusion in the Guiness book of world records. He was naturally tired after such a long and grueling process but Cueto was ready for this. After all, he’s held the record three times before.

From the boys at the Cohiba cigar blog, we just want to say “Kudos” buddy!

I wonder if they will chop them up into little 6 inch cigars and sell them? If so well count me in!

To learn more about this awesome achievement, click here

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