Posted on 30-08-2008
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cohiba siglo i

Here is my official (That is right, I said official!) Siglo 1 Review. This beauty from Cohiba came out in 1992 and was released on the 500th anniversary of Christopher’s discovery of the ‘New World’. If you are somewhat intimidated by the ‘full bodied’ Cohiba brand, the Siglo I is the perfect introductory Cuban cigar to this great brand. Personally, I like strong and full bodied cigars but every once in a while, I switch it up to something a little milder and that is when I dig into my Siglo I stash.

What most people enjoy about this and I’m sure you will too is that this cigar is a little bit shorter than most cigars. That means you can enjoy the Cohiba flavor in under 30 to 20 minutes. I guess you can say this is my ‘on the run’ Cohiba. Again the construction is amazing and so is the taste. Siglo I’s are a definite hit in my book. If you want that taste of Cohiba on your palette but don’t have enough time, pull out a Siglo I. Trust me, you won’t regret it!

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Posted on 22-08-2008
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Picture of the cohiba-35th-anniversary-humidor

Just when you think that the Cohiba brand has done more than enough to impress us all, out comes a new story. Well it’s not exactly new but it’s definitely new to me. The Vancouver Cigar company still has the 35th Cohiba Special Edition Humidor (Yes believe it or not, they STILL have one left!).

What is so special about this one?

Well for starters, this humidor was released in 2002. Plus the Cohiba cigars have been aging for 6 whole years in this humidor.

Can you imagine the complexity of the flavors locked within this treasure chest?

You get about 135 ‘Well aged’ Cohiba cigars.

After calling these guys up, I was told that they’ve already sold two of them and now they have the number 422/500 Cohiba humidor left.

Now are you ready for this?

Below is an excerpt from the Vancouver Cigar Press Release:

“The vitolas (Size of cigars), are all dressed to impress with a special cigar band solely created for this 35th anniversary, edition. Included are 35 Cohiba Lanceros, 20 Cohiba Esplendidos, 20 Cohiba Robustos, 20 Siglo V and two unqiue Cohiba sizes (20 Gran Corona) and (20 Piramides) that have only been included in this edition and will never be mass produced again.”

Did I just read two special sized that will NEVER be mass produced? Now that is impressive.

You can even get this Humidor straight from their website by clicking here:

PS: Or you can send me the fifteen gz and I can get it for myself :) – feel free to do so :)

Click HERE to learn more

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Posted on 07-08-2008
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Cabinet of Siglo III

Cabinet of Siglo III

Wow! I finally had my first Siglo III – Cohiba Siglo III that is. I was just getting back from work when my buddy called me and said to come on over (I had to meet him for some new business ideas). So after I ended up getting there, I was shocked when he pulled out a couple of Cohiba cigars.

Now I wasn’t surprised that he had some some fine Cohiba’s on him (In fact, James is THE GUY when it comes Cohiba cigars), but I had never smoked the Siglo III yet, and I had been wanting to for some time. He said the Cohiba Siglo III was his favourite and that the aromas created by them are amazing – Plus it’s a very nice little treat for the palette.

Not only was he correct, but I was quite impressed by the size of this cigar. I’m a Robusto man myself but I really enjoyed this one in particular. If you ever get a chance to smoke a Cohiba Siglo III, don’t pass it up. Another brilliant cigar by the Cohiba brand, aren’t they all?

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