Posted on 07-08-2008
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Cabinet of Siglo III

Cabinet of Siglo III

Wow! I finally had my first Siglo III – Cohiba Siglo III that is. I was just getting back from work when my buddy called me and said to come on over (I had to meet him for some new business ideas). So after I ended up getting there, I was shocked when he pulled out a couple of Cohiba cigars.

Now I wasn’t surprised that he had some some fine Cohiba’s on him (In fact, James is THE GUY when it comes Cohiba cigars), but I had never smoked the Siglo III yet, and I had been wanting to for some time. He said the Cohiba Siglo III was his favourite and that the aromas created by them are amazing – Plus it’s a very nice little treat for the palette.

Not only was he correct, but I was quite impressed by the size of this cigar. I’m a Robusto man myself but I really enjoyed this one in particular. If you ever get a chance to smoke a Cohiba Siglo III, don’t pass it up. Another brilliant cigar by the Cohiba brand, aren’t they all?

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