Posted on 04-11-2008
Filed Under (Cohiba Panetelas) by Trevor

So buddy came over last night and brought me a Cohiba Panetela. I think this gesture was great, but considering that he bought it from a random dude in Seattle (Where he resides too), I was naturally a little sceptical. Now everything on this Cohiba Panatela looked great – The size was right at about 115 cm, the ring gauge was at 26 but one thing I didn’t like was the tobacco filler was a little too dark.

However, me and my buddy were just drinking our faces off that day so I decided to give this “Cohiba Panetala” a go. If I didn’t have some real Cohiba Panetals before, I would have never known that this was nothing but a fake. It tasted like some dude shredded tobacco in his house and stuffed the cigar with it. Yes! I said shredded tobacco, not even an actual tobacco leaf. Usually these scam artists are pretty smart but not in this case. Well since I was super drunk by that time, I actually smoked it lol

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