It was a long time coming, but I finally got my hands on the Cohiba Double Corona Limited Edition 2003 – and I must say in the most unexpected way possible.

The Cohiba Double Corona Limited Edition 2003 is a cigar to die for. First it is a very rare cigar, and once you smoke it, you will realize that its truly is a gift from the Cohiba cigar gods to the cigar enthusiasts. Although
all double Corona cigars are great, I personally just love this one. I had it after my hockey game which we lost 4 goals to 5 (Yeah I know!).

However, when I came home after that horrible game, I needed something to cheer me up fast and my wife gave me this wonderful present. I sat with her for a while, had a nice glass of scotch on the side as I puffed on this exquisite Cuban cigar and then realized how much I have to be grateful for. You see, winning and losing is one thing, but having a wonderful wife who knows exactly what to do when you’re feeling down is a
beautiful thing. Especially when she knows exactly what kind of Cuban cigar will cheer you up. What a pleasant surprise I must say.

Naturally, the Cohiba Double Corona Limited edition 2003 is now one of my favorite Cuban cigars. If you can get a hold of the Cohiba Double Corona Limited Edition cigars, I urge you to get a box because there are not that many around anymore.

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