Posted on 14-04-2009
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Another handmade Cuban beauty is the Cohiba siglo I. The Siglo series or Linea 1492 is a sub-brand of Cohiba, produced to commemorate 500 years since the arrival of Christopher Columbus, and is characterized by a milder flavour than most other Cohibas.

Don’t let the mildness fool you because these are delicious cigars. I think the Cohiba cigar god designed the Siglos to help develop the Cohiba cigar enthusiasts’ palette before they tried the big boys such as the Cohiba Robusto or the Cohiba Maduro Genios.

However, the Cohiba Siglo I are in a class of their own. They came out arond in 1993 or 94, I’m not sure but since then, people from all over the world really appreciate this medium tasting cigar. Surprisingly, most people prefer to smoke these in the Summer – well count me in!This would be the first time that I would get to try these Cuban cigars, So naturally I’m very excited. Don’t worry boys and girls, I’ll let you know exactly how this cigar performs.

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