Posted on 06-06-2009
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Have you ever thought about giving Cohiba cigars as a gift? Of course you have, but I know you would rather smoke them yourselves :) – but seriously, due to the recession, a lot of people are going through some tough times. So I decided to lighten things up and spread some positive energy around my office. I thought why not hand out a Cohiba cigar (Cohiba Robusto to be exact) in my meetings with potential new business partners?  Everyone loves a free gift and who can say no to a real Cuban cigar right? So about three weeks ago, I started handing out a Cuban cigar at the end of all my

business meetings and frankly, I don’t think I will ever stop again. The connection that you make with your potential business partner is much stronger with this simple gift. It is absolutely unbelievable how this gesture totally changes the energy in the room. I think it’s because as men, we all have a few  things that we can find common ground on (Such as women, sports, cars) and Cuban cigars is definitely one of them. I feel that after my potential partners touch the Cohiba cigar, they automatically become my buddies, and it usually leads to a fun conversation about Cuban cigars and stories begin to exchange between all parties. That little Cuban cigar give away leads to really getting to know your potential business partner as a person, rather than just some ‘Business Zombie’. Overall, it had led me to some amazing friendships and fruitful business partnerships. Almost all the guys I gave Cubans to are now also my regular drinking buddies (You know how I love scotch and Cohiba cigars right?).

So next time you have meeting with your potential partner or client, try the Cohiba cigar give away, I guarantee you will build a very long lasting and fruitful relationship. I think what I’ve learned from this recession is you can always add more value to people’s lives even when things are looking down. Regardless, I think we should all try to give more value each and every day because it will make you feel good, and whatever you give, you get.

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