Posted on 14-06-2009
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Very excited today guys. Time to tell you about another Cohiba cigar that  I tried today. The Cohiba Siglo IV (4) – They say this is one of the best Siglos to age. Unfortunatley, mine was not aged, but I still enjoyed the
rich creamy flavor combined with cocoa bean aromas.

Siglos were introduced in 1992.  They are a little bit lighter than the rest of the Cuban Cohiba cigar brand but they do the job just fine. This Cuban beauty came in a box of 25 and is 100% hand made like the all of the Cohiba cigars (Except the Cohiba Cigarillos). Anyways, I lit this one up two hours after dinner.

Got my self a nice glass of Oban 14 year single malt, went to my patio as it was a beautiful day to smoke (Sunny in Vancouver at around 8pm, yeah believe it or not!)  So I just sat in the balcony and forgot all my worldly troubles and just kept puffing. I always was a big fan of the Cohiba Siglo brand but Cohiba Siglo IV might be my new favorite out of the bunch. I would say when its sunny outside, the Cohiba Siglo IV is just perfect.

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