Posted on 23-06-2009
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Is it just me or do you collect and save Cohiba cigar boxes too? Well I
personally think that all Cohiba cigars are the smoke of the gods, so the
cigar boxes to me are just as valuable (And apparently to people on ebay
too lol). You see, Cuban cigar boxes are pieces of art as far as I’m
concerned. Did you know that even the stickers and labels on a cigar box
is placed by hand. Talk about attention to detail. I just think that the
Cohiba cigar boxes (Actually all cigar boxes) are highly underated when it
comes to overall packaging of a product. Cigar boxes are not only
beautiful what have practical use for your Cohiba cigars such as the cedar
(that you can use to light your cigar as wood is THE choice for lighting a
cigar) and the box itself that can keep your cigar babies cool. So my hope
is that you are collecting your cigar boxes because what kind of person
throws real art away anyways?

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