Posted on 13-01-2010
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Much has been written about the mighty Cohiba robusto, Esplendido and Limited editions that come out of the hallowed halls of El Laguito but maybe for now we can address the Siglo 1.  This little 4 inch dynamo with a 40 ring gauge tends to surprise even the most particular and stubborn aficionado with it’s taste and smoothness.  Don’t get me wrong, it comes out of the gate with quite an attitude and no shortage of pepper but if handled carefully and smoked slowly you’ll be rewarded with a sweetness and creaminess that we’ve come to expect from Cohiba.

Another thing I noticed with this Perla was the draw and consistency I experienced every time I lit one up. This never ceases to amaze me and I have so much respect for the torcedor and how skilled these artists are.  My only complaint was that it only lasted for 30 minutes and time after time I was left wanting more but isn’t this what we love about small packages?

One more thing, and I have to admit that I’m a sucker for enticing packaging but the tube this cigar came in is the picture of elegance.  One thing that Cohiba has, and I think always has had, is a marvelously talented marketing and design group.  I’m sold!

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