Posted on 16-01-2010
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More and more women are getting used to the idea that the “Old Boy’s Club” tradition of having drinks and cigars after a good meal may no longer be restricted to that single gender.  Women have appeared on the covers of magazines proudly displaying a cigar in their hands and well, to be honest, I’m all for it!  There are many reasons for my enthusiasm regarding their involvement but the main one is that I get more cigars out of the deal.  What????  Its true !!

My wife and I recently came back from a wonderful holiday in Cuba where we got sunburned, had massive hangovers, heatstroke and lost a very valuable camera in Havana.  It was the best holiday we could have imagined.  The smell of cigars in the air in the different bars mixed with the sound of the music left a big impression on us both so we can’t wait to go back.

These days whenever I’m smoking cigars and especially the Cohibas I always insist that my wife has a puff or two.  I want her to know how a good cigar tastes and I want her to get involved in my passion as well.  She’ll tell me if she likes the smell in the air when I’m smoking and she likes some better than others.  She does NOT like the smell of a non-Cuban cigar so I don’t even ask her to try those, not that I smoke that many, I simply love the muskiness of Cuban tobacco.

Ever since we came back from our holiday my wife seems to surprise me with the odd cigar she picked up at Vancouver Cigar Company on her way home from work.  She knows the guys, stops in and says a quick hello and before you know it I’m holding a Siglo IV, Piramides or robusto that she thought she’d surprise me with just because she was thinking about me…. Awwwwwwwww !!!

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