Posted on 20-01-2010
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Every now and then you have to treat yourself and do whatever it takes to get yourself back on even keel.  I had a good day today, nothing was really difficult and all of the tasks I had on my plate were handled without incident…. But….. things started going down hill as soon as I got home.  I went to the humidor and got out a Hoyo de Monterrey Epicure No 2 and then sat down for just over an hour of what should have been Cuban cigar relaxation.  These are some of my favorite Robustos and, in my humble opinion, I put them into the list called, “my top ten favorite cigars!”.  They never fail to heal me and thrill me with all of their sweet flavors.

I didn’t happen today!!!

Not even close!!!!

Instead of having a soothing effect I felt betrayed and deceived.  Now that cigar came from a box I picked up a year ago and the consistency has been very steady throughout but I guess it was just not written in the stars that today would be my day for fun and excitement!!!! The whole experience put me into a dark mood and I started walking around the house looking for something to throw out on to the street.  Now I really like all of my possessions and a large part of me felt that if I gave in to this feeling I’d only regret it later on.  What to do????  Then an idea presented itself to me with crystal clarity!

I walked back downstairs to where I keep my humidor, opened it, made a selection, reached for my cigar cutter and clipped the cap off an Esplendido that I purchased from my favorite spot, the Vancouver Cigar Company.  Ha!!!!! Vengeance will be mine!!  I’m far from wealthy and try to keep my habit down to one a day but I couldn’t be defeated.  Not today… Not this time!

As I type this I feel such a beautiful calm washing over me.  I’m tasting vanilla, caramel and a bit of that beautiful grassy taste that we know we can count on with such a classic cigar.  I’m asking myself how much it would have cost to sit down and spend an hour with a reputable therapist or maybe the price I’d have to pay to see my DVD player fly into the street and get run over by a semi.  No, this is better, this is good and I know that this is the right thing to do!

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