Posted on 21-01-2010
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A few days back I got a call in the morning to go hit a few balls at the driving range.  The weather wasn’t bad but it was too rainy to golf and a buddy was going to invite a friend of his, a golf pro at one of the local courses, to join up with us.  Great!!!  I had heard so much about this guy and finally was going to meet him and maybe get a few pointers on my swing.  I had recently gotten a new Ping G10 Driver and couldn’t wait to hit a few more balls with it plus you can smoke cigars at this particular range which is one of the main reasons why I’ll drive a bit farther to get there. This was shaping up to be a fine morning.

I had lots of gas in the car, clubs in the back and Miles Davis in the CD player.  The traffic wasn’t too bad at that time of day, the morning rush had slowed down and so I decided to stop in to pick up a cappuccino, I had more than enough time to get there.  I got back out on to the highway, cranked up the tunes and then felt a bit of a shudder.  What???? Wadda ya mean shudder??  Cars aren’t supposed to shudder !!  $$$$$$$  The car rolled to a stop.   Noooooooooooooooooooo!!!!!!!!!!!!!! $$$$$$$$$$

I managed to get to the side of the road, turn on the emergency flashers and poke around under the hood to see if anything wrong was kind of obvious.  No, nothing jumped out at me so I then looked under the car and saw nothing there either.  good grief!!!!  About 3 minutes a cop pulls up behind me, turns on the lights and walks up to my window.  Well, he was a friendly enough guy but said that I couldn’t stay there and called a tow truck.  $$$$$$$$$……  The tow truck guy towed my car a few miles down the road to my son in law’s garage and then a whole other story begins. $$$$$$$$

I wasn’t going to get any golf tips today.  I wasn’t going to sit peacefully at the driving range smoking a cigar and drinking the rest of my cappuccino.  Good grief!!!  I had to think of something !!  Well at least there was a CD player in the garage and a comfortable chair.  I pulled out Cohiba Genios Maduro 5.  I love the beautiful maduro wrapper this cigar has, the color, the slightly oily texture and after clipping the cap I found an easy draw.  The cigar started off with that peppery Cohiba taste and settled down and became more spicy.

I found myself becoming more relaxed and getting used to the idea that I’d be getting to know my new driver at a later date at the range.  Oh well……. Hey, do any of you know what a timing belt is??   $$$$$$$$$$$$$

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