Posted on 22-01-2010
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The good people from Cohiba  launched the Siglo Series in 1992 to pay homage to the 500th anniversary of Mr. Christopher Columbus showing up in the “New World”.  Much has been written about the Siglo VI and for good reason but for now I’d like to turn my attention to the Siglo IV.

This beautifully rolled cigar comes in a 46 ring gauge and at a length of 5 and 5/8 inches.  This series is a bit milder than cigars from the original Cohibas and this one starts off tasting very mild.  After the first puff the taste of honey comes into the picture and to some degree stays throughout.  Coffee flavors appear soon after lighting this stogie and one is reminded of Cuban coffee and how it became a preferred flavor with so many coffee drinkers around the world.  As this cigar develops into the second third, chocolate appears and mixed with the taste of honey you are now getting what Cohiba had intended and developed as one of the sweetest cigars to come out of Cuba.

The final third delivers the taste of vanilla, mixed with chocolate, mixed with honey which causes one to wonder how all of this is possible by simply blending leaves together. All in all this cigar has become one of my favorites and as years go by the contents of the box I picked up in ’04 age beautifully in my humidor.

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