Posted on 23-01-2010
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Last night I sat around with a very dear friend, my Piramides from 2006 and I can’t begin to tell you how this cigar has improved with age.  I smoked one earlier last summer and was so impressed with its smoothness and complexity.  None of the flavors I remember were a lot different but what struck me was how it evolved in the humidor and became gentler in it’s approach.

One thing that caught my attention right after I removed it from my humidor was the construction of this stick.  A beautiful maduro wrapper, perfect throughout and the cap appeared to be that perfect spiral that, when cut, stayed intact and behaved like a champ

This is not your typical “grassy” Cohiba, you’ll find more chocolate and caramel appearing making this a bit of a different experience from regular Cohibas.  This re-edition of the very successful LE 2001 comes in dark brown boxes of 10 and I felt very lucky to get my hands on a few of these cigars.  I’ll continue saving a few to see how they develop in the up-coming months but I have to tell you, this one is very hard to hang on to for any length of time.

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