Posted on 25-01-2010
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Well, how much of an adventure can a humidor give you?  Not much unless………

I’ve recently gotten 2 more boxes of cigars and one of them being a beautiful box of Siglo IV’s I thought that aging them for a while in my humidor would be my new favorite pastime.  Problem here is that my humidor at home is already full and with 2 more boxes to take care of, I needed a new one….. Or….. maybe a second hand one!  I like saving money as much as the next guy so on to Craigslist I go.

late last night I saw a post and was that this guy wanted only $40 for a humidor with a few cigars thrown is as well ( one Cohiba Especiales and a non-Cuban, oh well).  Sign me up!  I e-mailed him this morning and didn’t hear back so I went golfing for the day.  It was a coolish sort of outing with overcast clouds and a temperature of around 8 degrees C, but I was hitting the ball OK and all in all, a pretty good time.  After I got back home this afternoon I saw that the humidor guy had written me back saying that there was a lot of interest in his ad and some people were on their way over.  I wrote back saying that I still wanted the humidor and he told me that I still may get lucky if I hurried and beat the others.   When I got to his place I was pleased to find that I was the first one to see the humidor since everyone else was stalled or cancelled and well, after all, it was Sunday.  I guess the others had more important things to do or… I drove faster than they did.

The humidor was quite beautiful and looked like the top of a roll-top desk with plexi-glass being on the front of the box.  It had a divided tray that sat at an angle and four spacers on the bottom.  The wood inside looked a bit reddish but I really didn’t pay attention to my gut instinct that said, “Hey, that wood looks a bit reddish!”  I gave him the $40 and home I went.

The first thing I did when I got it home was clean it up, wipe down the plexi-glass and soaked down the interior with distilled water.  I was very pleased but that wood inside still looked maybe a bit too reddish. I closed the door and had dinner.  After going back to my new toy I opened it up and, well, out came the odor.  Yup, you knew it all along, didn’t you.  American cedar!  Hmmmmmmm, this isn’t going to work at all, especially with a nice box of Cohibas sitting in it for any length of time.  I’ve never owned a humidor with a Red American cedar interior but I’m thinking that there’s no way I’m putting my Cubans in there.   Sometimes the thought of saving money clouds one’s judgement and you make rash decisions, or at least I did today.

Now rather than scrapping the whole idea and turning this into a display case for my wife’s jewelry I think the best thing to do is be a bit more stubborn and start contacting a few friends of mine that are good with wood.  My feelings are that this isn’t really all that bad and that the interior can be replaced with Spanish cedar without too much trouble, well maybe a little trouble… But… I love the design of this humidor and with a little effort and probably more $$$$$$ I can make it work.

I’ll let you know in the next few days how this adventure comes to an end……

Stay tuned!!!!!

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