Posted on 26-01-2010
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For anyone who who have taken a trip to Cuba, the sights and smells of Havana leave you with memories that last a lifetime.  Spending time on the beach and staying at the usual “All Inclusive Resorts” can be a great experience for someone going there for the first time.  I think you have to do it at least once and be spoiled by the service you get from some of the friendliest people on the planet.  I’ve read different reviews on a few different travel sites by people that have nothing else to do but complain about the service, the food, the noise at night and the quality of their hotel rooms.  Give me a break!!  Cuba is still a third world country and these resorts do their very best to show you a great time with their entertainment and service.

Want to have fun?  Try golfing at the Veradero Golf Club.  I had a great round there one day and although I think they could have watered the course a bit more, I saw things there I haven’t seen on any other golf course.  Here at home we have to be quite vigilant with food left on our golf carts because we have “Smart Crows” that will strip your cart clean when you aren’t looking.  In Veradero they have chickens.  Chickens?? Yup, chickens!  In fact, if left alone you could have as many as 6 chickens walking all over your power cart if you don’t watch out.  We had beer, which they weren’t interested in so I wasn’t so concerned but it made for some really funny pictures.  I was able to rent Taylormade R7′s so I wasn’t complaining about the quality of rentals.  I gave one of the golf pros 6 Pro V 1′s as I dropped off my gear at the end of my round which he was very excited about.

Seeing Havana from the back of a Coco taxi is a very entertaining way to go around town.  These little 3 wheeled motorcycles with a bit of a bubble domed cover for the passengers zip all around Havana at a fairly reasonable price and if you have a driver who is in a talking mood you can get a good tour guide out of the deal as well.  One day we went to the Cementerio de Colon, Havana’s huge Cemetery and if you want to see acres of the most beautiful grave sites, you’ll find it there.  Amazing statues of angels and monuments gleaming in the sunlight for acres.

The highlight of the day was stopping at the Partagas factory and buying a box of Siglo VI’s..  Each time I go there I will make sure to return to that shop.  Smoking a great cigar and drinking rum at the cathedral square in the early afternoon is a great way to start off the next phase of your day in Havana.  Be careful though, time goes quickly at the square and rum seems to go down so easily in the hot sun…..  It seems that cigars in cuba taste better somehow.  I’ll have to return as soon as I can to see if my theory holds any water… I’ll let you know!

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