Posted on 27-01-2010
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I love Cuban cigars but I’ve definitely been running into a problem lately with all of the choices I have coming out of Cuba but what I’ve been going back to time and again are the Cohibas.  As I smoke them I hold and caress them and I know that what I’m enjoying is the best that Cuba has to offer.  Now here is the problem, and I’m sure you ask yourselves this from time to time.  Is it the band that has us so enthralled or is it the tobacco that tastes so superior.

I know for myself that as years go by if you were to remove the band and give me 4 different Robustos I’d probably pick the Cohiba 9 times out of 10 in a blind taste test.  It gets easier and easier as I smoke these gems, I’m totally convinced, that they have such a distinct flavor profile they are quite identifiable.  I don’t know of any other cigar that starts out with that grassy pepper flavor that always tends to evolve into a more complex being.  I was looking at a Cohiba Robusto that I got at my favorite cigar store before I sat down to write this and even the look of the cigar is un-mistakable.

I really don’t have much more to say on the topic this evening other than I have a problem with Cohiba worship…….. Well……. Maybe it’s not that big a problem.

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