Posted on 31-01-2010
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Go to Cuba, meet as many people as you can and ask them about their opinion of Castro!  Well, there’s a way to start a blog entry.  I’ll try not to get to political here because, after all, this is about Cohiba cigars but you can not smoke these beautiful examples of Cuban artistic perfection without occasionally thinking about the man who helped bring them into the picture.  Castro smoked the Cohiba Corona Especial, a thinner ring gauge (38) then the Esplendido and a bit mellower but every bit as wonderful with the typical grassy Cohiba approach.

As we travelled around Cuba I was struck by the kindness of the Cuban people.  They were very educated and everyone we met from taxi drivers to bus boys to hotel managers seemed to have a lot to say about their lives today in Cuba.  As you probably know this is a country of poverty and hardship, people don’t have a lot of money, grand possessions and the ability to travel but thats not to say that they don’t have knowledge of the world. People had no problem opening up and telling us about their families and how day to day life treats them.  We spoke to school teachers that drove taxis and worked in restaurants.  We met people from all walks of life that were now deeply entrenched in the service industry who, although loved the money they were now earning, missed their original jobs.

The interesting thing that I noticed was everyone’s opinion of Castro.  Each person seemed to dislike his politics but had a strong feeling of love for the man.  I found it quite fascinating that they all looked at him as being a strong father figure in their country, and in some way, he is.

I know that one day their country will change for the better.  I sincerely hope that the people will have more chance to leave their island and see first hand what it is like to jump on a plane and go to Europe, Canada, the U.S. and return home again with wonderful memories like the ones we have visiting their country.

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