Posted on 04-02-2010
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I’m sure all of you, from time to time, notice the color of the Cohiba Cigar ash and comment to yourselves on how bright white they can be compared to most, if not all, other Cuban brands.  I was going through some old photographs and remembered some of the first Esplendidos I smoked and photographed.  These were moments I found to be memorable and decided to keep a bit of a record on the ash colors that Cohiba had.  There have, of course, been some cigars I forgot to photograph but as time goes by I can remember that each time I light up a Cohiba I never fail to think to myself how clean they burn.

Shape of the ash and how it burns is another factor I look at when enjoying a cigar.  2 days ago I was enjoying a Cohiba Robusto and was amazed at the construction, even burn and color of the ash.  This cigar had an even cone shaped end as it burned, which will tell you that it was rolled by skilled hands.  The ligero tobacco in the middle of the cigar burns slower because of mineral content, sugar and nicotine therefore giving you the cone shaped burn.

The quality of the soil in Cuba which produces this world class tobacco will also dictate the color of a cigar’s ash.  A high potassium content in the soil, for example,  will give you a lighter ash and I also believe that Cohiba’s third fermentation process gives Cohiba cigars their tremendous taste and burn quality.

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