Posted on 06-02-2010
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Well the most important items to pack for a road trip these days are my cigars and a supply of Butane and, oh yeah, a toothbrush…….  I’ve been wanting to leave town for a few months and since Christmas is gone and all of the commitments that go along with that holiday are taken care of my only concern is me, and my time in the next few days…. Maybe a week…… Probably more time than that……

The best part about not being really sure where to go is that you aren’t held back by any restrictions, other than maybe the weather and road conditions.  The one thing I DO know is that I want to drive EAST and with that in mind I have all of Canada facing me.  If you have never driven from coast to coast in North America in an east-west fashion, you need to know that it could take a while.  I read somewhere that a watched pot DOES boil….. but it takes a while!  This being winter, in most of Canada, I’m wondering if I should have my head examined for what I’m about to do……. Nawww….. It should be fine!!!  Especially since I want to stop along the way and visit a few friends of mine who are cigar smokers, like myself.

I have a real close friend who lives in Lethbridge, Alberta.  I’m not about to start mentioning any names because of…. well…… This guy has a very healthy humidor which he keeps stocked with wonderful ( pricey ) items from the Cohiba brand and he’s been asking (hounding, really) me to drop by for a few days of fun and irrational behavior.  His job wears heavily on him and, although very successful, he needs to blow off a bit of steam from time to time…… This is where I come in!!!!

After Lethbridge I’ll be continuing on to Calgary to visit another friend who is in the oil and gas business.  Wow, talk about a workaholic!!!!  He spends about 4 to 5 months of the year up in Canada’s north, searching for oil and sometimes natural gas and he has a lot of people working under him and depending on him to be very good at what he does….. When he is successful at finding great amounts of natural resources he goes on a tear and disappears for a few weeks…. This is where I come in!

One more person I really want to see is a dentist friend of mine in Regina!!  I don’t think I need to tell you about his line of work and how it weighs on him, all I need you to know is that he’ll go to Cuba once every couple of years and come back with the kind of treasure we all dream of……. Guess what, this is where I come in………

I have made some very good friends along the way and I wouldn’t trade them for all the gold on the planet.. A few of them can be really irritating…… but…… Oh well, so can we all.. I can be a real pain but I usually show up with some very nice cigars and Scotch and leave when I feel that the time is right…….

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