Posted on 16-02-2010
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I guess I have a lot on my plate today and any thoughts of taking advantage of this nice weather and hitting a few balls around a golf course may have to be postponed for a day or two.  This is still February and we have a long season ahead of us golfers…… Season???? Actually, we golf 12 months a year so the season never really ends. My recent road trip to visit western Canadian friends resulted in one nightmare after another and to tell you the truth I’m feeling a bit tentative when the thought of leaving the safety of my home occurs to me.  Why don’t I start off small by opening the sliding door that leads out to the back deck, reaching out with one hand holding a small mirror tilted upward to make sure no lurking raptors are perched on an eavestrough over my head.

If you are visiting this site for the first time, scroll down to ” Cohiba Road Trip” and follow my travels into the unknown, then all this will make more sense…..

My neighbor is at work and I felt safe to sit out back with something that would be perfect for an early afternoon smoke.  My humidor yielded one final Cohiba Coronas Especiales that had been with me for a few years.  I was given a gift of 5 of these smaller ring gauge ( 38 ) cigars a few years back and they have been mellowing nicely in their own corner of the humidor.  Cohiba has seemed to have blended a real beanfest with this one, tons of vanilla moving towards chocolate but finishing off the final third tasting woody and peppery.

I sat quietly smoking, listening to songbirds and contemplating a trip down to Cuba in the next few months.  April/May seem to be perfect months to go down and I need to stock up on hard to find Cuban cigars for summer golf and fishing!

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