Posted on 17-02-2010
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Last night an old friend dropped by and we took an old TV out on to the back deck and watched Olympic highlights and smoked a few cigars.  Once again I am reminded that Oban single malt Scotch whiskey pairs so nicely with Cohiba cigars.  Last night we broke into my supply of Cohiba Siglo II’s… Having bought them at the Vancouver Cigar Company 4 years ago, the rest allowed them to age nicely and revealed that the mellower side of Cohiba cigars is as intoxicating and pleasing as some of the more powerful members of the Cohiba family.

This little mareva has a length of 5 inches and a 42 ring gauge which can take up an hour and a half of your time if you are a slow smoker with bit of patience.  A very surprising fact about this smaller cigar is that it often reveals a lot of the same flavors that it’s big brothers have to offer: grass, chocolate, coffee and cocoa mixed in with wood and if you have a delicate palate, even a slight note of cinnamon.  It almost sounds like the description one would hear about the Cohiba Robusto but a lot milder and even sweeter at times.

The one joy I have in life ( I have quite a few ) is noticing how a burst of caramel can come rushing on to the scene after swallowing a mouthful of fine Scotch and then taking a puff of a good cigar.  The taste buds can reveal a lot of secrets that are hidden in Cuba’s soil and the fantastic tobacco that is produced on that Island.

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