Posted on 21-02-2010
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Today will be a fine day to see if there are any Steelhead in the Chilliwack river.  The sun is shining, it hasn’t rained in days and the river’s clarity will probably be impressive.  Problem is….. Sun, clarity and low levels of water are the worst conditions you can look for when going after Steelhead. You may wonder why I’m so excited about packing up my waders, boots, equipment and real smelly bait so I can probably get skunked… Well….. I think its time to sit by a river and smoke another Cohiba piramides EL 2006.

I have a lot of confidence that the Canadian Olympic hockey team will do just fine on the ice against the U.S. and so maybe sitting on the side of the river with an awesome cigar will somehow channel confidence into the universe to help our guys kick some butt!! There is another reason why I want to get out of Dodge this afternoon.  My neighbor is a recent transplant from the good ol’ USA and I don’t want to be in the neighborhood on the off chance that we DON’t win……. I highly doubt it though….

Tell ya what….. I’ll let you know what happens to me on the river and give all of you a report on the kind of day I’ll end up having.  Will there be a fish in my future?????  Will the Canadian men’s hockey team be victorious??  How will my Cohiba taste out in the sun on the side of a river??  I think that as you read this you’ll only be able to answer the third!!!!  Wish us all luck!

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