Posted on 25-02-2010
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New boxes of Cohiba Behike in boxes of 10 are nearing the release date..This is quickly becoming a topic that I can’t get out of my mind, much like a kid that can’t wait for Christmas to arrive.  I have mentioned before that the original Cohiba Behike was introduced in 2006 in celebration of Cohiba’s 40th anniversary.  Anyone who has a box of those priceless cigars is probably holding on to them for financial gain because of how few were rolled but anyone else who bought a box and smoked them with friends would have MY vote as “Humanitarian Of The Year”!

A few details are now being released about these larger size Cohibas.  The factory names for them will be Laguito No. 4, ( 4 11/16ths in length,52 ring gauge)….. Laguito No 5, (5 2/3 inches in length,54 ring gauge)….. Laguito No 6, (6 1/2 inches,56 ring gauge)….

One more bit of information released will be that the price of these new cigars from Cohiba are expected to be as much as 40% higher than what existing Cohiba cigars cost.  The addition of the pair of sun drenched  upper leaves from the tobacco plant (medio tiempo) will probably give added strength to to these cigars.  I can’t wait!!!!!

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