Posted on 27-02-2010
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Yesterday I stopped in to the neighborhood “Quickie Mart” for some cream for my coffee and a newspaper when I was greeted in front of the store by one of the countless street people in our city asking for spare change.  Vancouver has more than it’s fair share of people who are down on their luck and live on the streets asking for change so they can either eat, drink, or in most cases, buy drugs that keep them where they choose to be in life. On the streets!!! I usually pass them by because I choose to help them get off the streets by making it just a bit tougher for them out there.

A lot of people would argue that by helping them out and giving them a buck or two, they would be able to survive, live another day and maybe get their lives in order. I, for one, think that we all are in charge of our own lives and are responsible for our own actions.  I work hard for every cent I earn and the last thing I want to see is my spare change going into someone’s crack pipe…. Well, enough about that rant!!!!  Yesterday’s meeting with an unusual elderly lady in front of the store floored me, to say the least.

I pulled up to the store, got out of the car, made sure it was locked ( not the safest of neighborhoods) and sure enough I hear, “Got any spare change?”  I looked up and a woman, who appeared to be in her 60′s, asked me that question and the most wonderful aroma wafted up to me.  There she was, smoking a Cohiba…. Of all things!!!! Wow…. I walked into the store, picked up a paper, cream for coffee at home and got my change and left the store.  As I walked to the car I felt the need to walk back and inquire what cigar she was smoking..  She told me that it was a Siglo II and that, although she is a fan of the Lanceros and Esplendidos, she bought it because the wrapper was a bit broken and she got it at a discount. What????  I asked her why she was on the streets and she said that she had a problem with alcohol and cigars.  I couldn’t believe it!!!

I didn’t feel the need to give her any money but I had a Montecristo in my shirt pocket and offered it to her.  She politely refused and said that she preferred cigars from the Cohiba brand.  Wow!!!!! Turning down my free cigar !!!  I drove home in amazement and wondered how long she had been smoking Cohibas… Had she ever smoked anything else??  How could she afford to be so choosy???

We live in a beautiful city and there is an interesting story around every corner.

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Aidan on 5 November, 2010 at 2:32 am #

this actuallky happened?!? im a vancouverite and have never seen an affluent homeless person or of a cigar addicion

Admin on 6 November, 2010 at 6:31 pm #

I would then recommend that you spend more time on the streets. This is a big city and there are many stories to be told!

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