Posted on 02-03-2010
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At the end of the 60′s, the eldest of 4 top-grade cigar rolling brothers, Avelino Lara, took over from Eduardo Rivera as the guiding hand at Cohiba.  He laid down three principles which have made Cohiba, Havana’s premier brand and what many consider, the finest cigar in the world.

The first principle, he called, was, “The selection of the selection”.. Cohiba had it’s choice of the finest tobacco leaves from the top 10 fertile valleys in the Vuelta Abajo.  Lara would then pick the five best for his wrappers, binders, secos, volados and ligeros.

The next principle would be the third fermentation, which is unique among Havana brands.  THis is applied to just 2 of the leaf types- Ligero and Seco.  Moisture is added to the leaves as they age in barrels to ferment out any trace of harshness.

The third and final principle is applied to the quality control over the rollers at the factory.  El Laguito is a difficult factory for anyone to get into without permission but word has it that all rollers today are female.

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