Posted on 04-03-2010
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One hot afternoon in Havana last year my wife and I sat under an umbrella at a table in Cathedral Square and drank too much rum and beer as we ate lunch.  Havana is full of great musicians playing everywhere and that particular day we watched a latin jazz band whip up the crowd that sat around eating and drinking.  At one point during our meal a young man walked around with a tray of various cigars, I picked a perfectly rolled Cohiba Robusto and marveled at the taste as we waited for our bill.

We strolled back to our hotel and along the way, posed and took a few pics with a few colorful locals, then walked into our hotel lobby.  Our hotel usually had live entertainment in the lobby and this afternoon we listened to a trio of fine fine singers, two of which played nylon string guitars and one bongo player.  Since we had met them and spoke to them a few times in the 3 days we stayed there, they wanted to introduce us to a man in the audience who was planning on putting up some money for their next CD.. Needless to say, they were ” on ” that day….

In Cuba you’ll hear a lot of the same songs being played by street musicians but this trio played a lot of different music we hadn’t heard before, which was very refreshing.  We sat down and an ashtray was brought over to me which made me love the country even more… Wow, you can smoke cigars almost everywhere… What a civilized place, and the Robusto was taking me on a journey of fantastic flavors. At one point in the trio’s set the man with the $$$ requested a song called La Malaguena and it was met with a hush in the crowd that is usually reserved for the type of moment you run into when someone orders a type of fish at a sushi restaurant that will kill you if it isn’t prepared properly. The stage was set for something exciting, it was hot and tropical, we were a bit on the drunk side in a country where we couldn’t understand the language… Sounds kind of exotic doesn’t it..

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