Posted on 05-03-2010
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Each year at the closing of the Gala dinner at the Habanos Festival in Havana, different humidors of cigars are auctioned off to the highest bidder. This year’s Cohiba humidor was one of the most beautiful and artistic designs we’ve seen coming out of Havana resembling, what some could say, is a futuristic and curvaceous skyscraper.. The humidor tower contained 350 Cohiba cigars which included cigars from the classic line to the Siglo line, piramedes and the much anticipated Behike release.

This year enthusiastic cigar aficionados were able to sample the new line from Cohiba and all reports reveal that this will be a very full bodied cigar that is not only very smokable right now but will become prized possessions aging in many humidors around the world.

This year’s total for all auctions that night brought 805,000 Euros to Cuba’s health care system. The only question I have regarding a purchase of that size is the restrictions different countries have in bringing home that many cigars. ¬†Canada only allows an individual to return home with 50 so there will have to be some pretty imaginative import plans the lucky winner of this year’s humidor will implement. ¬†Whichever country the buyer lives in should ease any restrictions due to the philanthropic nature of the act.

There are a few pictures of the new Behike online and if you do some looking around you’ll see perhaps the most beautiful cigar band Cohiba has ever designed..

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