Posted on 07-03-2010
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After looking around the different reports on this year’s new releases out of Cube it occurred to me that the movement to start producing larger ring gauge cigars is becoming the norm.  We know that Cohiba is coming out with new 52, 54 and 56 ring gauge cigars but as I see their actions I’m starting to notice other brands out of Cuba do the same……

Limited editions will be released this year in many countries and I believe that there is a growing wave of cigar smokers that are showing their preference for sizes that are leading the suppliers of these amazing cigars to give the buyers what they want.  Looking at the cigar deletions Cuba has planned for 2010 pretty much convinces me that what I’m saying here is true.  Many petit coronas and panetelas are on the chopping block as far as production goes… I guess they just don’t sell as well as something in a 50 ring gauge.  If they did, we’d be seeing newer, smaller cigars being introduced.  A few are being introduced but only a few.

All you have to do is take a look at a Robusto and think about rolling one with long leaf tobacco and you’d probably be able to tell that construction problems are fewer and farther between compared to a long panetela or lancero.. The taste of a robusto is simply superior in my opinion because of more filler and a cooler burn…. Anyway, here I sit….. staring out the window…. waiting for the Behike to arrive…….

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