Posted on 10-03-2010
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I picked up a few cigars today since my humidor has been getting beaten up in the last few weeks and for some reason included in today’s purchase I opted for a few Siglo V’s.. Normally I don’t smoke dalias because I’ve run into a few with draw issues but after dinner tonight I thought I’d light one of these.  I paired this evening’s cigar after dinner with a Shiraz from Australia and at first I wasn’t sure if I was making the right choice but we had lamb for dinner and I wanted to finish off the bottle..

At first the two weren’t marrying at all but then I thought that having a glass of water with the cigar and wine and everything started working out just fine.  There’s something about keeping your palate clear when smoking a cigar that, more often than not, requires something clear and refreshing and, in my experience, water always does the trick.  The first few draws from this Cohiba revealed, as usual, a bit of a testy, rather powerful toasted tobacco and then it became a rich creamy smoke that started to reveal slight bean flavors.  This isn’t your average Cohiba, I believe that the creamy coffee you get from this cigar is considerably milder and takes a bit of concentration to detect the subtle nuances this one has to offer.

After the first third of the Siglo I decided to take the wine I had left and drink it all in one gulp.. Maybe the water was all I needed to be able to detect all that this cigar had to offer. As I entered into the second third I was really quite pleased to find that it became a bit more powerful and developed into a very satisfying experience I was hoping to find when I bought them today.

I always say to myself, whenever I buy cigars,  that they are going to sit in my humidor for a year or two and that I’ll get to them when the time is right but, alas, I think that I know myself better than that and I’ll probably keep going back and picking these Siglos and continuing my search for that ideal moment of smoking perfection…. Sometimes I hit it right… Sometimes not……. Hey, I gotta keep trying!

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