Posted on 14-03-2010
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A tad shorter than a Robusto at 4 1/2 inches and a ring gauge of 52 we find the Magicos from Cohiba an interesting size and slightly different flavor because of the 5 year aged maduro wrapper.  I love the fact that the flavor differs from the regular Cohiba line and, although I belong to a slightly smaller tribe of Cohiba smokers who may be a bit more traditional in their needs, I think that it is the sweetness that keeps me coming back to this magicos

Initially you will run into a toasty flavor mixed with a slight chocolate note that will stay with you throughout the first third. As the cigar progresses it gets a bit more complex, revealing a subtle creaminess but I can’t stress enough that this is a cigar with a very subtle delivery.  New smokers will undoubtedly enjoy these as they are getting to know the whole Cuban cigar smoking experience and why not, Cohiba has a reputation for producing the best cigars and I believe if you are reading this you’ll probably agree with that last fact.

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