Posted on 15-03-2010
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Spent the day helping out a friend paint his new house and a very long, hard day it was.  As I sit here I’m seeing that I need to shower and scrub all of this tan-gray paint off my hands, out of my hair and off my face but before I do I had to run up to the computer to rant and rave about the cigar I just finished..

For the last hour and a half I’ve been sitting on my couch and smoking a Limited Edition Piramides 2006.  I smoked a few last year and they were great but tonight as I watched Donald Trump and the Celebrity Apprentice, ( I’m a sucker for his show ) I was dumfounded with the quality and smoothness of this cigar.  I think I had forgotten how good this cigar was.  This one had the most stubborn whitest ash I had ever run into in a Cuban cigar and the flavors were sweet, round and very very smooth.  I kept thinking that I couldn’t remember the last time I had tasted such incredible smooth edged round milk chocolate in a Cuban.  This might have been the best Cuban cigar I have ever smoked

I paired this cigar with 2 shots of Oban Scotch and I think it was the perfect marriage.  This cigar was an hour and a half of complete perfection.. I have a few more and I’m thinking that I’m going to wait another year to smoke the next and another year for that last.  Wow !!!!  If you have a few of these, smoke one now and wait a wile for the next….. I feel very very lucky that I was able to experience what I just smoked!!!!! Incredible!!!!

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