Posted on 16-03-2010
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The revolution in Cuba was a time of extreme change for many walks of life that were either ready for it or not.  On one hand the change brought great opportunity for some and for others, a way of life was instantly eliminated.. For, Eduardo Rivero,  a 23 year old cigar roller with 6 years experience, the revolution and his new relationship with Fidel Castro, not only improved young Eduardo’s lot in life but brought about the brand that is most revered by today’s smokers.


THere is one bit of information that has not been either proven or made false.  Apparently, since the revolution opened the door for women to roll cigars in El Laguito but we hear from sources that up to 200 prostitutes were given the opportunity to ( turn over a new leaf ) and change professions with the blessing of the Island’s new leader.  If anyone out there has any information about this, I’d love it if you left a comment and tell us more about this story.  Thanks!

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