Posted on 25-03-2010
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I keep writing about this fabulous little perla and, although some of you may be tired about me going on and on about them, today’s entry is for all of the other people…  I just smoked another from my humidor and I can’t say enough about the wonderful complexity of this short entry from Cohiba.

It will start off with the grassy signature Cohiba flavor but then hang on…. This one will take you on a very exciting ride of Cohiba flavors that include cedar, coffee, chocolate and also a hint of vanilla.  The construction is totally Cohiba quality and I’ve NEVER ran into any problems with the burn… NEVER !!!!

Another plus here is that the price of these little cigars is considerably less than what you’d expect to pay for a cigar of this calibre, making it the buy of the year, in my opinion.. Take my advice and pick up a box of them… Smoking them right away is just fine and aging them….. WOW !!!!!!!

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