Posted on 29-03-2010
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Reading about the fermentation process that takes place in Cuba makes me realize how precise the process must be in order to achieve the wonderful flavors that the Cohiba end up with in their cigars.  The temperature is consistent and monitored so that the leaves do NOT get too hot in their bales as the chemical process takes place changing the tobacco into something special.  Bales are taken apart, sometimes up to 10 times, if they get too warm so they do not get mouldy. That would destroy so many people’s efforts and be too costly.

In the production of the Maduro 5 Series of Cohiba cigars, we are talking about 5 years of fermentation and all of the things that can go wrong in that amount of time is staggering.  What finally results are tobacco leaves that are perfect for the blending and rolling of those beautiful dark chocolate colored cigars.  The sweetness that these cigars have is really quite something and have to be sampled to be believed. The extra time taken to produce the Maduro 5 has been a great success for Cohiba and the extra effort has paid off.

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