Posted on 31-03-2010
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A few years back I had the good fortune to go on a military tour to Egypt and Israel.  My job was to entertain troops and keeping up the ” morale” was very important to the troops.  It still is to this day and thats why there is a lot of entertainers that go over to the middle east and anywhere where troops are stationed.

One evening in the Sinai after one of the shows we were invited to go over to, what I think was called, the “Beaver Lodge” for a party.  Now if you’ve never been to an armed forces base and partied with soldiers you have no idea what you are missing.  These guys really know how to have fun and letting off steam is something they do very very well.  Did I mention that alcohol is very very cheap on these bases??  Oh yeah !!  There was a band playing music made up of soldiers from Fiji and they were great singers.  We were given a big welcome from the commanders of the Canadian troops in full desert costume and joined them to smoke wonderful apple and lemon flavored tobacco in water pipes.

The one thing I will never forget was later on in the evening I was invited over to a small balcony off of one of the buildings where one of the soldiers had a humidor and was known as a man with a big cigar problem.. Problem?? I saw no problem….. I was lucky enough to be handed a Cohiba and sadly I’m not exactly sure which member of the Cohiba family this cigar belonged to but I’m not sure that mattered to much to me at the time.  He said that he had a few boxes sent to him and from time to time he would have fellow soldiers bring cigars to him from Dubai.

Someone had a stereo set up on the balcony and was playing music.. The Desert was cool but comfortable at night and I’m not sure if I had ever had a more memorable time smoking a cigar… Good friends talking about their families back home, more alcohol flowing and cigar smoke in the air.  We civilians have no idea who the face of the military is.  We see the uniforms but most of us don’t realize that these are great people doing a very hard job for all of the rest of us!!!!!

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