Posted on 31-03-2010
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How good of a torcedor or torcedora do you have to be to have the privilege to roll cigars for Fidel Castro??  How accomplished must you be to have rolled all 4,000 original Cohiba Behike cigars.. Well, all we have to do is a bit of reading and poking around youtube in order to see Norma Fernendez Sastre in action.  This woman rose to the top of her field and works in El Laguito in Havana as the head of quality control.

I just finished watching her roll a cigar at youtube and was amazed at the amount of care that went into her organizing the filler tobacco of the cigar she was rolling.  It was all in how the filler felt in her hands as she kept squeezing the amount of tobacco she was holding and adding to before the made the commitment to roll it all into a binder leaf.  As I watched this, I wondered if this was the most important part of the process because, although rolling the cigar in the final wrapper leaf and applying the cap is vital, without an even amount of filler leaves you’ll end up with a cigar that will burn unevenly and give you nothing but trouble.

See for yourself!!!

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