Posted on 02-04-2010
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After finishing yet another Cohiba Robusto I’m reminded how happy I am that I developed a passion for many other brands from Cuba before I even tried my first Cohiba.  The important fact here is that all of the brands out of Cuba have something to offer.  Hoyo de Monterrey is a full bodied cigar that has a lot to offer and their flavors will surely give you all that you need.  Trinidad, which is rolled at El Laguito as well as Cohiba, if a fine but slightly milder cigar that is pure class. There was a good reason why Castro used to give them out as gifts.

Partagas and Bolivar touches on the stronger full flavored cigars and they have to be tasted and appreciated as well.  Also too, those two cigars are rolled at the same factory in Havana.  Montecristo is one of the most popular cigars in the world. The Monte 2 was so popular that, for a few years, they had to be rolled at almost all of the Cuban factories to keep up with world demand.


As soon as you develop a taste for Cuban cigars and can see the beauty in a romeo y Julieta or a Cuaba, you’ll be able to see why Cohiba is the one that true cigar aficionados come back to time and again!!!

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