Posted on 03-04-2010
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I went to see an old friend last night and some friends were gathering for a bit of a birthday celebration.  This guy has been smoking cigars for a great number of years and I felt that a couple of Siglo VI’s, 2 Genios and a Piramides LE 2001 would be a good contribution to his humidor.  That last cigar was hard to part with but this is a really good friend and has been there every time I needed him.

Since I’ve been on a bit of a Siglo run these days I lit up a Siglo IV last night and the fun began.  Before long the cards came out and not long after that we were laughing, arguing, yelling and….. well,…fighting.. You see, thats what happens when good friends get together and hard liquor is at hand.

A lot of talk was about hockey, golf and fishing and a lot of plans were made to get together for tee times, visits to the river and play-off parties at all of our rumpus rooms but I have to be a bit realistic, hard liquor was at hand!!!! I feel terribly hung-over this morning as I write this but I think it was all worth it.. I know that at some point today the phone will start to ring and guys will be asking me exactly who said what and if I felt that they really meant what they were saying….. I think I’ll play dumb and say I don’t remember a thing!!!!

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