Posted on 04-04-2010
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My wife tells me that her favorite uncle used to smell like peppermints and cigars.  She loved him and would sit on his knee as he’d tell her stories and joke around.  We all have memories of our youth where cigar smoke was present and I think that’s why the smell of a good cigar brings back great feelings that will stay with us for a lifetime.

I remember one instance in my youth where cigar smoke was present and it doesn’t bring back any warm fuzzy feelings at all.  I was 16, just got my driver’s license and was driving around with a few friends at night on gravel roads around the small town I grew up in.  There’s something about youth, bravado and speed that will get you into trouble….Every Time!!!

My father had a new Plymouth Fury II that went pretty fast and this was one of these moments where I think I needed to find out how it handled at high speeds on loose gravel…… All of you fathers out there may want to take notice of how the young mind works here.  As I was driving that night I remember some of the guys in the car telling me to slow down because they were feeling a bit uncomfortable with the speeds I was hitting…. Think I cared what they felt???? You already know the answer to that.  There were a few cars that were following me at one point, shining their lights in the rear view mirror, and the beer and the madness in my mind told me to stay waaaaay ahead of them.  At one point going around a corner I noticed I was doing about 90 MPH when I hit an ocean of fresh gravel…. Now the car is swerving side to side and I’m fighting with the steering wheel… Not fun… NOT FUN at all!!

After getting the vehicle under control I slowed down to about 70 and drove back to town to drop a few buddies ( cowards ) off at home… I sped through a few stop signs ( no one else on the roads at night except for a few pesky cars behind me ) and then I saw the flashing red lights.

From the back of the police car I could smell cigar smoke as the tickets were being written up.  Speeding….. Going through stop signs without stopping……

I think maybe my wife’s memories of her uncle’s odors bring back warmer memories than I feel whenever I remember that night!

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