Posted on 05-04-2010
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Was last night a special occasion?? Nope!! Not really !! So I felt the best thing I could have done after dinner (prime rib) was to go to the humidor and select a Cohiba Robusto…. It was an evening that needed a boost and so I did what I felt was the most appropriate action.

Sitting on the deck and staring into the rainy night with a beautiful Cohiba and a glass of port really mellowed an already mellow evening even more.  The cigar had 4 years of age and it was one of the robustos from Cohiba that had that real sweet quality that I don’t get all the time.  Sure, it started out being grassy and peppery but instead of moving into the cedar notes I started getting the dried fruit flavors that stayed with me until the final inch or so.

I’m a real sucker for the types of cigars that give me fruit and wish that I could taste it in every one I light but I guess this is what keeps Cuban cigars so interesting.  Then the power went out in our neighborhood.. Yup, interesting is what i got!!!!!

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