Posted on 07-04-2010
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Oh yeah, where was I ???? So the last thing that happened was my power went out but I guess I neglected to tell you about what happened after…..

Vancouver is a bit of a world center for devil weed grow-op production, in fact so much so that there could be as many as 20,000 grow-ops in the lower mainland at any given point in time… This is what I read in the paper but I’m a cigar guy… I tried that stuff when I was a kid and like Clinton, I didn’t inhale!!! ( much )……

So the power goes out and then I hear sirens…. Well, I wasn’t sure why but then again this IS Vancouver and anything is possible… Turns out I have a neighbor 3 doors down in the “Biz”, as it were, and he was also stealing electricity to keep the operation costs down. This is something that happens a lot and quite often you get caught because the electric company matches the amount of use on a grid with the amount of revenue coming in…. Things don’t match up and then the giant microscope comes out….

The Cohiba Robusto was into the final third and tasting rich and fruity when our neighborhood went black but I’ve learned to stay quiet and stay in the shadows when things like this happen and most of the time it all blows over….. Most of the time…… Then I heard a rustling in my bushes…

We have a lot of animals ( cats, dogs, raccoons, the odd black bear and deer ) who drop into our yard at night, so I shouldn’t have been concerned but I thought I heard this one humming or something weird…. I set the Robusto down and went for my flashlight and when I came back there was a kid, maybe 17 or 18 standing on my back deck in handcuffs….. The lights then went back on and I could see that he looked terrified and it brought back memories of the few times when I was younger and felt the cold steel on my wrists.. These days I like staying within the parameters of society’s rules and I made a promise to myself that I’m permanently going to be keeping it that way…… Then a German shepherd ran on the to back deck and pulled the kid down…… All Hell broke loose after that….

The next thing I know is that there are 5 cops on my back deck shouting orders to the kid, the dog and yelling at me to put my cigar out….. This was when I had had enough….. I don’t care if you have to conduct your business on my back deck but there was still about 2 inches of Cohiba’s best burning in my hand and I wasn’t about to be pushed around on my own property so with my elbow I reached behind me and turned out the lights on the deck……. Things got a little noisy after that !! The dog went crazy, the cops started yelling and the kid ran off ….. ┬áIn a second they were gone, all was quiet and I was alone again…

I don’t think the kid made it very far with handcuffs on and a German Shepherd on his tail but I didn’t care much…. I went into the kitchen, poured another shot of port and went back to the deck to finish one of the best Cohiba Robustos I had yet this year!

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