Posted on 10-04-2010
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The last Cohiba Siglo VI I smoked was some time ago during a trip to Alberta…. I felt terrible about it because I think it was a total waste of money… Not buying the cigar, but where and when I chose to smoke it… Smoking a cigar, especially one of that calibre, in less than perfect conditions is a real waste of time.. Anyone thinking about going outdoors and lighting up one of Cuba’s finest works of art during a snowstorm in sub-zero weather should have their heads examined… That is exactly what I did, except for getting my head examined…

Last night we had a fine evening in Vancouver, and out on my deck with a glass of Oban, I felt it was time to light up a Siglo VI..  It was a very different story from my last experience with that cigar.

This is a rock star cigar in every sense of the term starting with the construction.  A bit of a tightly rolled Canonazo ( I love that word ) but after clipped, still had an easy draw.. How do they do that????  Pre-light draw revealed a bit of wood and grass but subtle at best…. Hmmmmmm, subtle may be a great word to have on hand when describing this cigar.  The choice of Oban may or may not have been the best pick for a beverage since it really had more power than the cigar because of the very slight flavor changes that happened as this cigar progressed… Not a lot of change and progression, sort of reminded me of a Trinidad Robusto Extra in it’s delivery…..

It burned perfectly and required only a small amount of correction as it got into the final third but I love how cigars taste as they approach the nub…. All in all, a very different experience from my Alberta snow storm afternoon with this same cigar!!!!!

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LB on 29 July, 2010 at 9:06 pm #

Nice review. This is one of my favorite gars. Next time you have a strong scotch water it down a little, and it goes well with the Siglo.

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