Posted on 13-04-2010
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Today I’m going to be going to Victoria on Vancouver Island to do some golfing with buddies for a couple of days.  This should prove to be an interesting experience because I haven’t golfed with these guys for a few years and, to be honest, I have no idea what to expect.  Out of the 8 individuals that will be getting together, 5 are loggers who have been stuck in the bush for the last 3 months and my main concern isn’t how much steam will these guys be letting off on the course but what will get damaged and how much will it cost us after it is all said and done..

Since I am the guy with the healthiest humidor, I’ll be taking a few Cohibas to hand out, but not many of these clowns even smoke cigars and they’ll all want them after a drink or two.  These are the kind of smokers that take a few puffs, set the cigar in the golf ball holder on the dash of the golf cart and then spill beer all over them.

This is the best time to have dried out counterfeits in a zip lock bag on a shelf in the garage.  Last year I had a few friends that went to Veradero and came back with Cohibas that they bought from some guy on the beach.  These cigars ended up in my hands and after a few handshakes and many thank you’s I hid them away in the coldest, driest spot on the property.

The bands on the Cohibas look the same ( to this bunch of golfing yahoos ) so I see no problem.  I’ll let you know how this up-coming bit of madness ends.

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