Posted on 17-04-2010
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The last 3 days on Vancouver Island proved to be all that I expected it to be.. Drinking, cigars and golf with some of the worst behaved individuals that ever slapped their credit cards down and rented clubs and power carts.  And just as I expected, after a couple of drinks, everyone wanted me to fork over Cohiba cigars.  Out came the counterfeits and these guys were puffing away gleefully like I knew they would.

I like all of these guys but they know nothing about Cuban cigars, the price of Cuban cigars or how they should taste so I didn’t feel too bad when they set them down after the first third and reached for their cigarette packages.  I don’t want to appear to be a mean spirited individual but they were just as happy with a fake Esplendido as they would have been with a genuine Siglo VI.  Thats just how it is!!

I had 3 days of people walking on my lie on the greens, people talking and laughing as people were in the middle of a swing and playing out of turn but I knew all of this as I walked into this situation.  Golf can be a very relaxing game or, if you start to take it seriously, it can be an assault on the senses.  It is a game that tends to be more enjoyable the better you get at it but you also have to be with people that take the game seriously or forget about your score.  We kept saying that “it’s all about the hang” and I have to agree.

Back home on the deck with a 5 year old Cohiba Robusto is where I’m heading in a few minutes.  It’ll be me, a good cigar and the peace and quiet that I’ve been waiting for!

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