Posted on 24-04-2010
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Sometimes being patient and sending the right thoughts into the universe will pay off in spades.  Yesterday morning I received a call from a guy saying that he had gotten my number from a mutual friend after he had heard that I was in the market for a Cohiba Piramides LE 2001.  This was what I have been waiting for and I didn’t hesitate to pick up 5, even though with our “through the roof” sin tax in Canada meant that I’d be spending more than I wanted.  Oh well !

Last night after dinner I went out to the deck and armed with only a glass of cold water I wanted to see if all of my expectations of this 9 year old cigar would be met.  The 2006 and the 2001, although having a lot of similarities, showed that they are different in a few different ways.  The one thing that I think I know about Cohiba is that their tenacity for consistency would probably dictate that the same kind of blend would be used for the 2 different vintages, at least I’m hoping thats the case and I would think that they would do their best to put out the same cigar for both years.

One thing that I noticed right away was that the defining characteristics really had smoother edges and I’m guessing that spending 4 more years in the humidor contributed to how the cigar behaved.  Any of the bean flavors I tasted were certainly creamier and so much more smooth than the ’06.  Did I like it better than the ’06??  I don’t think so, since they are 2 different cigars and the comparison would be totally unfair.  They are both magnificent and I’m very grateful to be able to look forward to smoking them again down the road!

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