Posted on 26-04-2010
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Years ago I used to live in in Alberta and worked in an office selling computer equipment with a team of young yahoos who only wanted to work hard enough to party and go crazy on a daily basis.  At the time we were young and really didn’t have a clue as to what was important in life.  We had fast cars, real bad habits and concern for the betterment for society was the last thing we thought about.  I loved it !! At the time.. When I think back at how much money we made and how much money we all wasted I feel sick to my stomach but I guess we all have to learn. Some of us never did. Some of the guys I worked with have passed on, I guess their bodies couldn’t keep up with the strain.

Cigars played a part as well.  Cohiba cigars, to be exact!  I wasn’t smoking cigars back then and I remember hearing that from time to time a few of these guys would be smoking Cohibas whenever the thought occurred to them.. Why?? Well, for no other reason then that they had heard that Cohiba were the best cigars to smoke… Idiots!!! Those are the cigar smokers that drive me crazy.  They know nothing about the different brands coming out of Cuba, all they knew was that they wanted to smoke the best, but had no idea as to why Cohiba cigars were the best. Enough of that rant !

Years passed and then one day I’m seeing in the newspaper that one of those guys wins big in the lottery.. How big?? Well, about $5,000,000 to be exact.. I couldn’t believe it!! A large part of me wanted to call him up and congratulate him since we were sort of close when we worked together but I had no contact information about him and never got around to it.  A few years ago I learned that he too passed away from excessive abuse on his system. You sometimes wonder how different rock-stars are able to live long and full lives, I guess it must be in their genes.

I was smoking a Siglo I last night when I thought about this guy and the fact that I never spoke to him after his good fortune.  It was a particularly great cigar and I wished I could have shared that moment with him.  The next time I want to get a hold of someone from my past, I think I’ll try a little harder.

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